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White Bream is founded on July 14th, 2000. For about five months there has been full-time product development. After that there was very little time left for serious R&D, which caused White Bream to be a company without any concrete product offerings.
White Bream is 100% privately funded. Not considering various periodical payments, the financial results of White Bream are nill.


The core business of White Bream is audio electronics. Products are under development for consumer use, such as the USB audio range and for semi-professional use such as the active monitor system.
During the past few years it became clear that it is very hard to stick with strictly audio products. Therefore additional projects have been pushed into White Bream. Many of these are side-projects for various hobby activities.


At the time of writing, I am just another guy at the age of 25 having some kind of business. After graduating at the higher technical school (university) (HR&O) in the year 2000, White Bream was started. Because after about 5 months I ran out of money and because I am reluctant to take loans for anything not strictly necessary, I had to take a job to make a living and to back up the development process for White Bream. Unfortunately for white bream, this job took and still takes up most of my time till the present day. Currently I am on the payroll of Lumino BV Embedded Systems Solutions.
Whenever I can, I try to match various hobby project with White Bream. Examples of this effort are the P531 USB Touchscreen controller and E311 MiniITX Car power supply, both of which are started to enable this CarPC project.


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Henk Bliek

White Bream
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November 4, 2002