Please excuse for crudities and incompletelyness in this page. The website has been undergoing updates, and this page has not been updated yet.

Because a multitasking cheap operating system is needed with good hardware support (USB) and good graphical capabilities, Redhat Linux 7.3 with bare X is used.

xmatrix dynamic background and CarPC-console running A customized version of xmatrix from the xscreensaver package is used to give a neat background. The customization removes the anoying 'Wake up Neo' messages.

The user interface of the system is somewhat similar to PalmOS; a bunch of launcher buttons allow to start applications and switch between them. This is different than the usual (Windows, KDE, Gnome) launchers because those will start another instance of the application instead of bringing it back to the front. Standard taskbar entries will do that, but those get lost when the application terminates.
A new application CarPC-console is written to implement this functionality. Also customized window manager behaviour is added.

Linux Powerswitch Driver by Joris van Rantwijk (hey, another Dutch guy!) handles the powerbutton events from the powersupply, get it there, or here (version 1.4) It seems that the site is gone, hopefully the guy has graduated... (tudelft is an university)

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