This website shows some of the historic developments that have lead to the design of the CARGO mobile computer system (V4) and the associated software.

V1 V2 V3

V1 (2002 ~ 2003)

V2 (2003 ~ 2006)

V3 (2006)

V4 V5


V4 (2007 ~ ?)

V5 (2011 ?)



Yes, It all started about four years ago. The entire concept of car computing was very immature at that time, and many things as hardware and software had to be made ourselves. Ourselves, as many other people were working, playing or thinking with or about this concept. Very soon I started with the development of the E311 Mini-ITX car power supply, one of the first somewhat affordable power supplies for automotive use in conjuction with the popular VIA Epia mainboards.


After almost four years of playing and experimenting and three versions of car computers, I decided that it was time for a more serious approach. Today, this more serious approach has lead us to the fourth version; the CARGO mobile computer system. The top-notch of integration, functionality and durability in the field of carpc's.


The design for this 'perfect' car computer is almost complete, sadly this does not yet mean that you can buy one at the shop next door. Building these in decent quantities (which is neccesary in order to offer acceptable prices) is not easy without huge funds or without volume-buyers. The developent of this car computer system has drawn my funds severely, so it's up to volume buyers...

The fullfilled wish list...

Long time vistors will recognise this long-standing ultimate wish list for mobile computing, which has been almost unchanged for the past years, and which still stands. For first time vistors; this is the requirements list that a self-respecting car computing system should be capable of:

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  • Low power and small computer unit, powered by board net,
  • TFT color display with touchscreen for simple control,
  • MP3/Video player with simple control over 1000's of songs,
  • Intuitive user interface to ensure safe driving,
  • FM RDS tuner,
  • Navigation system with GPS,
  • Multitasking operating system.

Optional or not (yet) fullfilles wishes and features:

  • Dead reckoning GPS,
  • Compass and inclination meter,
  • TMC decoder for traffic jam warnings,
  • Engine data logging via CANbus,
  • Rear view video display,
  • Frontend for the cellphone (SMS, phonebook, etc),
  • Database with traffic speed control locations,
  • Wireless LAN for software & music updates,
  • Topomap based navigation for off-road / 4x4,
  • ...

Please take a look around, and if you have any questions regarding this project them please don't hesitate to drop me an email, I always appreciate your feedback, questions, ideas or comments.


Car computer with dual FM tuner, dual audio system, GPS and various interfaces for integration with car electronics.

UNIGO mobile

Customizable mobile computer system for logistic and industrial applications.

MERGO yacht

Integrated compact computer for maritime systems requiring GPS, compass and NMEA interfaces.