Originally, this website documented some hobby-style activities in the field of car computing. The earlier models that are being shown clearly reflect that nature. However, with those earlier models we already had some commercial activity behind the scenes. The power supplies of those earlier CarPC's were own developments, which have been offered for same for some time.

Later on, my business 'White Bream' moved towards a much more sophisticated all in one solution with the CARGO, UNIGO & MERGO computers. At the time, those were state of art, especially considering the limited resources available.

As of 2012 or thereabout, commercial interest for car computers has severely declined and White Bream has moved back to contract work in electronics. Since 2018 we're back in the products business, but now with industrial automation electronics. A field that allows for slightly longer life-cycles and healthier margins.

This website is all that remains of an exciting period.


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Henk Bliek,
White Bream


May 29, 2018