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One major problem of all these standard Mini-ITX and Nano-ITX mainboards; no matter how small they get, never will they fit real nicely. Often the associated hardware cancels the size advantages (as with the Nano-ITX).
And what about interfacing? You'll never really need ethernet in the car or yacht, but wouldn't this secondary monitor be handy for playing those DIVX for the kids in the back, or for displaying current navigation parameters on the deck?

That's why we are working hard to realise a new style of car computer. One that does not rely anymore on standard mainboard based computers such as the Via boards, but instead relies on computer modules that originate from industrial automation business. Combined with a smart set of interfaces and a modular concept to realise various mixtures of these interfaces, this will lead to the ultimate solution for computing aboard car, ship or truck.

Cargo with monitor

Preliminary specifications
      CPU: Intel Celeron M 1.5GHz,
      Memory: Standard SODIMM 256-1024MB,
      2.5" harddrive 40-120GB,
      Internal compact flash socket,
      Power: 9-35VDC,
      Video: DVI with power and USB,
      High-speed GPS receiver,
      Dual FM tuner (RDS/TMC),
      Dual stream 4-channel audio for front/rear,
      TV-out with audio & USB,
      Optional WLAN module,
      Optional GSM/GPRS module,
      Optional compass & tilt sensor module,
      CAN interface,
      Various in- and outputs (12/24V),
      Aluminium case with optional mounting flanges,
      Dimensions (hwd): 45x108x168mm,

More information on this
car computer system:

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