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Always in for a new challenge. And with the emerge of the Q-Seven standard, the challenge became to design a new system even smaller than the existing CARGO & UNIGO systems.

Still a project in progress, with many, many things left to do. But here is the first step; the 1st prototype of the mainboard of this new system.

Mainboard prototype

Mainboard prototype back

Preliminary specifications
      Intel Atom Z510 with 512MB fixed memory, or
      Intel Atom Z530 with 1GB fixed memory, or
      Intel Atom E6x0T series (tbd)
      Optional solid state disk module,
      SD card storage,
      Power: 9-33VDC,
      Video: DVI-A with power, audio and USB,
      High-speed GPS receiver,
      FM tuner (RDS/TMC),
      Mini PCI express,
      Optional GSM/GPRS or UMTS/HSDPA module,
      Optional compass & tilt sensor module,
      CAN & LIN interfaces,
      Aluminium case,
      Dimensions (hwd): 38x78x124mm,

Specifications subject to change

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