Please excuse for crudities and incompletelyness in this page. The website has been undergoing updates, and this page has not been updated yet.

I have ditched the two old TV screens and got myself a 7" widescreen VGA monitor with serial touchscreen. This also means that I didn't have to finish the USB touchscreen controller as well. (I want to finish it later though...)
Very soon I modified the rather fragile input connector into a 26pin high density Sub-D connector, which also transfers the power to the monitor.

7" Widescreen VGA Meanwhile, here is the pinout for the original connector (pin 1 is closest to the bottom):

     1)  VGA pin 1 (RED),
     2)  VGA pin 2 (GREEN),
     3)  VGA pin 3 (BLUE),
     4)  Audio in,
     5)  Ground,
     6)  Ground,
     7)  Ground,
     8)  Serial touch pin 2 (on female Sub-D),
     9)  Video 1 in,
    10)  Ground,
    11)  Video 2 in,
    12)  Ground,
    13)  VGA pin 13,
    14)  VGA pin 14,
    15)  Serial touch pin 3 (on female Sub-D)