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Front view of car computer. Not much here except for the power- and resetbuttons (just in case) and a couple of leds. Just like any other PC actually. The 60mm fan does a good job in keeping the temperature down; there hasn't been a single temperature problem during some two years of use. Including in nearly 40 degrees C environment (summer in Portugal).
Front view of car computer

Top view of case internals. As you can see the system is based on the Via Epia M mainboard. On the right is a E311 power supply. The GPS is build using a uBlox dead-reckoning board (SBR-LS). The GPS pcb contains a solid state gyro sensor and the speed pulse amplifier. It connects to the Epia COM port header.
Top view of case internals

Rear panel with power, audio and GPS. The original audio connections are completely worthless, so these were removed and replaced with RCA sockets. Never had any problem with these. The small white connector on the right is for the speed pulse and the reverse gear signal. The GPS antenna connects to the small MCX RF socket just right from the audio sockets.
Rear panel with power, audio and GPS

Harddisk mounted on case cover. It has been there for two years without any problem. Not bad for an ordinary 3.5" disk, especially if you consider some off-roading (the car was a Jeep Cherokee).
Harddisk mounted on case cover

The wiring mess for this system after taking it out of the car...
Car computer wiring mess