Seasons greeting 2008

Dear readers,

Please allow me to wish you a very lucky and prosperous year 2008! And to express my many thanks for your interest in our website, especially for the continued interest of all you recurring visitors.

During the past year we have drawn a lot of attention with the development of the Cargo, Unigo and Mergo mobile computer systems. This has brought some 40000 visitors to these websites and resulted in many many inquiries and questions through the mail.

Currently there are some field tests and evaluations going on with the computers. And in the next few weeks there will be some tests with the current CPU lineup from Intel. That is probably going to result in the beefiest car computer for its size...

Then after some EMC testing for CE and FCC compliance, as well as some E-mark precompliance testing for strictly automotive applications, the design can be released for production. Hence, it seems we are not that far from getting the hardware out in the street!

Best regards,

Henk Bliek
Director & owner
January 1, 2008