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Too bad this stupid bitch in The Hague in evil conspiracy with a notorious lying but high-ranked police officer has managed to label this equipment as illegal and dangerous. (Go figure; who has ever heard of an accident caused by a radar detector? Well, I didn't... But I do have heard of accidents directly caused by the presence of a sneaky radar control setup!)

          CJIB bullshit
The remote unit of the Vector 966R

This image above will look familiar to lots of people in the Netherlands that like 'active driving' like I do... For those of you abroad; this is a speeding fine. I am receiving too many of these, so something had to be done about that.
The easiest way to do that is to get a radar detector unit, I choose to go for the Bel Vector Europe 966R. The antenna unit of the Vector 966R

For now the detector is used as is. Later on I want to create an interface to connect the antenna straight to the car computer so that the unit does not have to be switched on manually and no alarm is given when the actual speed is below the speedlimit (using a GPS database).